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Jah Levi: Blog

Historical Niyabinghi Record "Our History" by Ras Ivi & family

Posted on March 30, 2016
Jah Levi Produces Historical Niyabinghi Record for Folklorica Records with the Great Niyabinghi Chant Originator and Devout Member of the Niyabinghi Order, Ras Ivi and The Niyabinghi Family of Rastafari from Jamaica, West Indies. this Record was recorded in jamaica, at Tuff Gong Studios, the Studio of Bob Marley, the world Recognized and Loved Musical Prophet of the Rastafarian Culture. of Great Mention, is that this record was recorded on the Birthday of the Rasta/ Reggae Icon. the Album features original Chants Written by Ras Ivi, and is Performed by His Family of 3 Generations. Niyabinghi Music is based on the Drumming and Chanting that is a Devotional and Lithugical Music that is Unique to the Rastafarian Culture, and is a Form of Non-Violent Protest and Rebelion against the Forces of Oppression and Racism. the Album is Co-produced By Glen Browne and Abba Zero.