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Jah Levi: Blog

Jah Levi Produces Historical Niyabinghi Record for Folklorica Records with the Great Niyabinghi Chant Originator and Devout Member of the Niyabinghi Order, Ras Ivi and The Niyabinghi Family of Rastafari from Jamaica, West Indies.
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New Vision

Posted on March 30, 2015
GREAT THINGS BREWING! Jah Levi is currently in the process of launching a new record label and a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring, preserving and presenting traditional music and dance from cultures around the world.

Stay tuned for information on how you can get involved!

Music and dance are universal languages that are vital to every culture. As globalization accelerates and the world’s populations are increasingly urbanized, many languages, folk traditions, and cultural expressions are at risk of extinction.

By restoring and sharing traditional music and dance throughout the world, we help cultures to live on, ensuring that their rich flavors continue to contribute to humanity for generations to come.

Cross-fertilization between the world’s leading musicians allows us to develop intergenerational, intercultural collaborations to educate and inspire artists and audiences of all backgrounds and bring people closer together.

With the [...]
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